Terms & Conditions

By signing up for a Puppy Lover Event, you agree to the following T&C’s. Puppy Lover Events is the trading name for Quarndon Events Ltd. Address below.

I do not have any allergies towards animals, including the animal featured in your session.
I am 18 years old or older. If I am purchasing a ticket on behalf of an individual under the age of 18, I confirm that they will be accompanied by someone over the age of 18.
I can attend the date and time of the session I am booking. No menu substitutions can be offered in events that offer food or drink included in the ticket price. It is the responsibility of the venue and not Quarndon Events Ltd for providing the catering as advertised.  Any food and beverage enquiries or complaints to Quarndon Events Ltd will be directed to the hosting venue.

I understand that there are risks inherent to participating in the session, including but not limited to injury and physical harm to myself or others. I will not hold Quarndon Events Ltd or any of its staff liable for any damages that occur from the session.
I am aware that photographs/videography may be taken throughout the class and will be used for advertising purposes by Quarndon Events Ltd (i.e. social media).
I am aware to take appropriate care when holding and playing with Quarndon Events Ltd animals and understand that I am liable for any damages that occur as a result of me mishandling the animals. Quarndon Events Ltd are not responsible for any animal nips or bites inflicted at our events. Quarndon Events Ltd are not responsible for any damage or lost of personal belongings including clothing and jewellery.
I am aware that Quarndon Events Ltd has the right to remove and ban any persons exhibiting violent or inappropriate behaviour towards any animals or people, as well as the right to remove any persons disrupting the session. I am aware that whilst Quarndon Events Ltd will try their best to advertise the exact animals participating in each session, however they are not guaranteed and are subject to change. I am aware to respect other participants by keeping a lowered voice if I need to speak to someone during a session. I am aware that there is a small risk of toxoplasmosis when mixing with animals, which is a danger to pregnancy, so pregnant ladies will encounter at their own risk.
I am aware that I must arrive promptly for my session and will not be allowed to join the session I booked onto or a later class if I am late.

Please take time to read through our ticket policies:
Tickets are non refundable. You will not be able to reschedule.
If we cancel class due to unforeseen circumstances we will issue a booking voucher to rebook. 
Please also take care when booking tickets and avoid booking too many as we do not refund. In some cases you may transfer your ticket to a friend or loved one, however you will be required to inform us via email.
Please note that after your purchase you will be sent your booking confirmation email — this acts as your ticket. We may ask for your first name and last name which you booked with at the door. 
I confirm all details above are correct and I agree to the above.

If we have to cancel the class for reasons beyond our control e.g. whether or for the animals safety, we will issue you a credit note, to book another session where available. We would aim to inform you at least 48 hours before your class date however this is a rare occurrence.

– Please come on time to your session. 
– Please come dressed casual your session.
– Feel free to bring your phone and take lots of pictures.

We welcome you to have a wonderful experience!

All communication with the Organiser regarding our terms and conditions should be addressed to: Quarndon Events LTD, 219 Burton Rd, DE23 6AE Derby, GB