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Puppy socials are the paw-fect way to socialise

Unique events adding value to the lives of both puppies and participants. Our puppies learn valuable socialisation skills by interacting with people through touch and play. Our participants boost their serotonin and dopamine levels so that they leave feeling much calmer and happier.

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Benefits of Puppy Socials


  • For Puppies
    To ensure they grow into confident adult dogs, we expose puppies to various experiences, sights, sounds, and environments.
  • For Participants
    Interactions with animals especially puppies has been proven extremely benefical to our mental wellbeing. Interacting with puppies provide’s stress-relieving physiological benefits that are proven to help an individual experience more positive emotions.

We run both public and private puppy socialisation events with young litters. We also run ‘Pooch Therapy’ events. Please read the ‘Pooch Therapy’ page for further information.

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27jul1:00 pm2:00 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 1pm DerbySOLD OUT

27jul2:30 pm3:30 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 2:30pm DerbySOLD OUT

28jul1:30 pm2:30 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 1:30pm BirminghamSOLD OUT

28jul3:00 pm4:00 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 3pm BirminghamSOLD OUT


03aug1:00 pm2:00 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 1pm LeicesterTickets Available

03aug2:30 pm3:30 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 2:30pm LeicesterTickets Available

04aug12:30 pm1:30 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 12:30pm NottinghamSOLD OUT

04aug2:00 pm3:00 pmDachshund & Cocker Spaniel 2pm NottinghamSOLD OUT

11aug1:00 pm2:00 pmPooch Therapy Nottingham 1pmTickets Available


07sep1:00 pm2:00 pmPooch Therapy Leicester 1pmTickets Available

Puppy Lover Socials Events

Frequeny asked Questions

Puppy Lover Socials FAQs

The breeders we work with are ethical, licenced, and caring owners. They generally contact us, before their puppies are born, to work together to develop an early socialisation plan that works for all. The key stage in developing socialisation skill is 3-12 weeks. We generally start our help at the 8 week mark after the pups have had some exposure on a much smaller scale to our classes. All our puppies are healthy and vet checked.

We announce the breed of the puppies a few weeks before all events. We have a very close relationship with all the breeders that we work with and we will always put the puppies needs first. Due to putting the needs of the puppies first we can never guarantee the exact details of the event advertised will take place.

As some of the puppies won’t have their second vaccination so we make it a priority to have the area as sanitised as possible. The floor is mopped with animal friendly cleaner prior to the pups going on it. All of our toys are washed at 90° to kill all the nasties. We ask all participants to take off their shoes before entering the event to prevent the risk of catching any diseases and parasites. Everyone will be asked to sanitise their hands on entrance and exit.

Puppy Welfare Disclaimer 

  • We ensure puppies get adequate rest between session. We NEVER hold more than 2 sessions per event. 
  • The breeder of the puppies will alway be there to attend to their puppies needs. They watch and manage the behaviour of both their puppies and the participants that handle them. 
  • Participants will be asked to stay seated on their mat for the whole length of the session.
  • We operate a strict over 8 years old policy as most younger children struggle to sit still for an hour and handle the puppies with the extreme care that is need. The only exception to this is breeders children or the children of owners of a puppy in the session. 
  • Participants will be asked to leave if their behaviour is deemed inappropriate to the needs of the puppies. 
  • The puppies always have access to fresh water 
  • The breeder will bring their own toys and blankets to each event.
  • The area will be cleaned before each event.
  • Shoes will need to be removed and hand sanitister must be used on entry and exit, unless a breeder deems this unnecessary. 
  • The room temperature is alway considered and will be adjusted during the session if neccesary.
  • All participants will be briefed on the purpose of the session and what their role is within it (which is to help build the socialisation skills of the puppies within their much wider socialisation training plan). 
  • The puppies are left to explore the environment and will be able to sleep when and where they decide. 
  • Any food and drink is served in a separate area.
  • Participants are made aware that puppies have sharp teeth and occasionally can bite. 

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