Pooch Therapy 

What is pooch therapy?

NEW AND EXCITING concept for dog lovers who can’t own their own pooch and those who are simply in need a massive dose of puppy serotonin.

What breeds will be there?

We have a mega mix of breeds at these events, from very small in size to super size. Our pooches are under 2 years old (still puppies) and will be extremely well socialised. We keep the bigger dogs in a separate room to the smaller dogs as we understand many of us can be fearful of the larger breeds. Rest assured that all of our pooches are super soft and friendly.

Does this event help people that are scared of dogs?

These events are very good for people that are scared of dogs. We will take our time introducing you to our small and experienced therapy dog, after (if you wish) you can meet some other pups from the squad. 

How does it work?

All sessions last for 1 hour, run by Jodi Harvey owner of RRK9S Training in Derby. Jodi is a fully qualified and extremely experienced dog trainer. Please feel free to ask her any questions re training during the session. Please note that the exact pups advertised may not be able to attend on the day of your event.

Are children welcome?

All our events are 8 years old and over.

For further information and to book please click the calendar below


30jun1:00 pm2:00 pmPooch Therapy Nottingham 1pmPooch's and Punch at Rev's de Cuba

30jun2:15 pm3:15 pmPooch Therapy Nottingham 2:15pmPooch's and Punch at Revs de Cuba


13jul1:00 pm2:00 pmPooch Therapy Leicester 1pmPooch's and Pizza at Peter Pizzeria

13jul2:15 pm3:15 pmPooch Therapy Leicester 2:15pmPooch's and Pizza at Peter Pizzeria

Meet the squad

PopcornAge: 5 months

Toy Poodle

GizmoAge: 19 months


WinnieAge: 9 months

Mini Dachshund

Baz Age: 13 months

American Pocket Bully

PiperAge: 12 months

Show Cocker Spaniel

SammyAge: 6 months

Black Labrador

RaefAge: 9 months

German Shepherd

SandiAge: 17 months

Mini Dachsund

SadaAge: 23 months

Cane Corso

OdinAge: 13 months

German Shepard

MarvinAge: 8 months

Mini Dachshund

TinkAge: 3 months


RomaAge: 18 months

French Bulldog